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Sightseeing in Rethymnon

Visit interesting sightseeing in Rethymno, the capital town of the wider prefecture of Rethymno. 


Fortezza, is the Venetian Fortress at Rethymno, which dominates the old town.
It is the most impressive building in the and is visible from every corner of the city, also it has a panoramic view of the entire Rethymnon and the western coast.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological museum is situated in the centre of the old town of Rethymnon. You can see the different findings from the Neolithic and Roman times, including an excellent collection of coins, jewelry and miscellaneous tools. There is also a collection of pottery types, from the Minoan era. The museum is open daily 8.30 am-3pm, except Mondays.

Arkadi Monastery

The Arkadi monastery is one of the most important monuments on Crete and whole Greece. The historic significance dates back to 1866, when the island was under Turkish occupation. The Turks sent troops to the region and the residents have found refuge in the monastery in order to be protected from pillaging. But this did not stop the Turks to attack the monastery. The people showing patriotism and heroism decided and set fire to explosives in the monastery, killing Turks and Greeks. It is one of the most selfless trantachta examples in Greek history. You can visit it daily 8am-8mm in the summer and 9am-6mm in winter.

Preveli Monastery

It is on the southern part of the law, after the river Kourtalioti, in the village Asomatos. It extends to a length of 3 km and consists of 2 monasteries. You can visit the churches of St. John and to admire the unique images. The Preveli monastery is of great historical significance: it was a refuge during the eras that the island was occupied. From its yard the visitor has an excellent panoramic view towards the Libyan Sea. You can visit daily from 9am to the west of the sun, with the exception of hours 1:30pm-3:30pm.

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